Marking of Willie Cobb

On September 21, 2009 the Annapolis Park Church of Christ, (A.P.), elders, by way of a letter marked brother Willie Cobb for causing divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine of Christ, (Romans 16:1717 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.).  Specifically, Willie Cobb caused division at  A.P.  by telling members  that if they wrote letters accusing brother Leonard Mungo of not being qualified to be ordained an elder, that brother Leonard would not see the letters. Furthermore, brother Willie Cobb took these actions without the agreement of the other elders.

(see document # 1, bottom of page 2 and top of page 3, highlighted portions of A.P. elder’s letter marking Willie Cobb dated 9/21/09)

The fact that brother Cobb gave A. P. members an assurance that brother Leonard would not see their accusations written against him, and did so without the knowledge and agreement of the other elders constituted two (2) separate sins which resulted in confusion and division based on the members perceiving that their trust had been violated by A. P.’s leadership. Willie Cobb was directed by the A.P. elders to; (1) communicate to those same members that he did these acts without the agreement of the other elders and (2) that giving members an assurance that their written accusations against brother Leonard would be kept secret from him was inappropriate and non-scriptural.

(see document # 1, highlighted portion at the top of page 3 )

Willie Cobb refused to correct his error and was therefore  marked. Instead of repenting and correcting his error, brother Cobb attempted to cover up his sin by writing a letter stating that he acted with the agreement of the other elders.

(see document # 4highlighted portion of page 1 of Willie Cobb’s typewritten letter dated 9/29/09) 

Therein, brother Willie Cobb made three separate written statements that the other elders agreed with his actions, wherein he stated  (1)..Bro Price Bro. William Mungo, and myself met and agreed…; (2) …Again, it was a joint decision made by all of the elders…..;  (3)…This is true, as I have just stated that this was agreed upon by the eldership at the time….. These written statements  were lies. It becomes clear that these statements were lies when we view the hand written statement that was signed by brother Willie Cobb almost 2 years later, at a meeting with the  A.P. elders, wherein brother Cobb admitted that he did indeed act without the agreement of the other elders,

(see document # 2,  highlighted portion on the bottom of brother Willie Cobb’s signed hand written statement dated 2/25/11)

made at a meeting with the A.P. elders for the purpose of attempting to resolve this matter. At that meeting brother Cobb admitted the following concerning whether he acted with the agreement of the other elders …This had not been agreed upon with the other elders….). This statement was in clear contradiction with his statements contained in the highlighted portion of document # 4 on page 1, of brother Cobb’s letter challenging the A.P.  elders  marking him.

The A.P. elders met with brother Cobb with the intent of giving brother Cobb an opportunity to repent of the offensive and divisive conduct he had engaged in while at  A.P., as described above. At that meeting, brother Cobb stated that his hand written statement was only intended to apologize for acting without the agreement of the other elders and not for the division he caused by telling members that brother Leonard would not read their letters.

(see document # 2,  Cobb’s handwritten statement) 

The A.P. elders accepted brother Cobb’s apology for acting without the agreement of the other elders. However, In order for the A.P. elders to lift the marking of brother Willie Cobb, there has to be an apology for both sins, not just one of them.

(see document # 1,  A. P. elders letter marking brother Cobb dated 9/21/09, see highlighted portion of document #1 on pages 2 and 3) 

The A. P. elders confirmed with brother Cobb that he did not intend to apologize for the second sin he had committed. Shortly Thereafter, the A.P. elders drafted and mailed a letter to brother Earl Truss, the minister of the congregation brother Cobb had placed his membership with. The letter informed brother Truss that until such time brother Cobb agrees to repent of the second offense/sin, i.e., for telling A.P. members that brother Leonard would not see their letters of accusation against him, the A.P. elders will not lift the letter marking brother Cobb.

(see document # 3,  highlighted portion of the A. P. elders letter to Earl Truss) 

Finally, because brother Earl Truss has accepted brother Cobb into fellowship at the Waynecourse church of Christ, while brother Cobb is yet walking in sin, brother Truss and all christians that fellowship with Willie Cobb have become a partaker of brother Cobb’s evil deeds, (2 John 1:1111 For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.). The A.P. elders wrote brother Earl Truss informing him that because he  has chosen to ignore the marking of brother Cobb, A P. must withdraw its fellowship from him.

(see document # 5,  A. P. elders letter to brother Truss dated 12/24/09)